To schedule an appointment, please speak to Andre or Roanne


The documents listed below need to be completed, preferably before your consultation.

The documents contain:

  Personal details, general medical condition, current medication use, surgical history and possible allergies.                        It also provides us with all the necessary information regarding your medical aid.                                                                You can either download, complete it and e mail it to us, or print it out, complete it and bring it to  us.                          Please bring all X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI Scans, blood results, hearing tests and a list of medication taken with you          on the day of your consultation.                                                                                                                                                 Please arrive 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment time.


We do have a specialized clinic for patients with voice problems  on a Monday and Wednesday morning. For more details please follow the following link:



We do have a specialized clinic for patients with dizziness-and-balance problems. 

Please fill in all the forms on the left before attending the clinic. This will allow us to spend more time on history taken, the physical examination and to plan more properly for further special investigations. 

Consultations with patients with dizziness-and-balance problems typically takes an hour, to an hour and a half. The consultation will include the following:

Discussion of the main complaint and history of the dizziness.

An Ear, Nose, Throat, Head, Neck and Neurological examination.   

Binocular Video Nystagmography which include the following:

Central oculomotor tests

Peripheral vestibular tests.

Positional vestibular tests

Halpike test

Gait and Balance tests

Video Head Impulse Testing (V-HIT)

Ocular tilt Reaction (OCR)

Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA)

On completion  of all the tests the patient might be referred for further tests, which might include diagnostic hearing tests, C and O- Vemps and Dynamic Postuography and Air Caloric tests. 

A follow up examination is required to discuss all the findings and tests with the patient and the possible management of the condition.

We also run a multi disciplinary dizziness and balance clinic once a week where the following disciplines are involved:

Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, Audiologists, Physiotherapists, Neurologists, Psycologists and Radiologist.